New restaurant – Ravintola Harmooni

**If you don’t want to read everything, just scroll down to the end of this post to see the plus & minus of this restaurant.**

A few days ago we celebrated our wedding anniversary with a dinner at Ravintola Harmooni in Jyväskylä. It was by chance we went to that restaurant. We usually make reservations for special occasions but this time, I was so fed up of going to the same old restaurants that I didn’t bother. On the evening of our anniversary, we just decided that we’ll walk towards the train station & maybe go to the Nepalese restaurant – Nagarkot. Other option was the Indian restaurant Shalimar but they were on holiday!

So, as we walked past the museum-like building opposite Shalimar, TH spotted the restaurant in that building. We looked for a menu at the entrance & the notice board. We wanted to make sure there was some vegetarian options for us. Then we went in to ask. Oh wow! For a weekday night, it was pretty full. The atmosphere was cosy. The waiters & waitresses were very friendly. They had a veg option & so we decided to try! At first glance, the restaurant reminded me of Kahvila Muisto at Toivolan Vanha Piha.

We were shown our table. It turns out that they do not have menu cards/books. There is a board on the wall where the menu is written. Of course, the waiters/waitresses give you a detailed explanation of each dish. This restaurant has 3 types of 3 course menus – meat, fish & veg. You could choose to have only a main course; or in combination with starter & dessert. We chose only the main course. It was a parsnip dish.

We were given a complimentary starter – egg butter with cooked apples.

egg butter with cooked apples
egg butter with cooked apples

We also got an assortment of breads & a slab of butter sprinkled with sea salt. The butter is visible in the photo above. Our main course soon arrived.


As you can see it consisted of cooked beets, baby carrots, parsnip, toasted nuts with cauliflower puree & sour cream with ginger. It tasted awesome!

In summary, we loved it but strictly for special occasions only!

* * * * *

Ravintola Harmooni in Jugend building opposite train station, established in 2013. Address: Väinönkatu 1, 40100 Jyväskylä

+ Excellent location

+ Very friendly waiters/waitresses

+ Tasty food

– Expensive

– Only one main course choice  for vegetarians

Other thoughts:

Menu board was in Finnish only but on the evening we went, atleast half the customers were non-Finnish speaking which means at each table the waiters/ waitresses were translating their menu.


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