Mango milkshake

After days of rainy, cold weather in June, the sun has come up strong and shining! It’s 25ºC and above since Sunday. Good news is it is going to continue this way for the rest of the week 🙂

Also, over the weekend, we got some ripe and juicy mangoes from our local ethnic store. We are not really fond of the all year round available supermarket mangoes but we keep an eye out for the ethnic store ones! The mangoes were gone as soon as they came! With one mango, TH made mango milkshake. We had the others as cut fruit.

It had been so long since I drank mango milkshake. Over the last year, it had always been mango lassi at Indian/Nepalese restaurants or home-made lassi with tinned mango pulp (which is no where near to the fresh mango taste but works when you haven’t had it in months aka desperate).

Fresh Mango Pulp
Fresh Mango Pulp

For the milkshake, TH used only one very ripe & fresh mango, a teaspoon of sugar and a cup of milk. It was enough for two people. Adding ice cream to milkshakes is not a habit so we really have to try & remember to add it! But we like it without the ice cream, so it doesn’t really matter.

Fresh Mango Pulp
Fresh Mango Pulp

TH blended and kept the milkshake in the refrigerator until dinner time. We had it after dinner. It was delicious!

Mango Milkshake
Mango Milkshake

After I drank about half the glass, I realised that a photo was missing and quickly took the one above. Hence, the not so pretty picture!


5 thoughts on “Mango milkshake

  1. Oh wow, this looks delicious! Which store did you get the mango at? I know you wrote they are out of stock already, but maybe I can keep an eye open next year. 🙂


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