Indian milk tea (Chai)

Sometime ago, a Singaporean friend and I were discussing about food and drinks when she mentioned Teh Tarik. It is tea made with black tea and condensed or evaporated milk. How interesting! Now I know how else to use my favorite condensed milk!

Then, I mentioned how Indian milk tea and filter coffee are prepared. She suggested that I post the milk tea recipe on my blog. Hence, this post 🙂

Although I love milk tea, I make it rarely at home because both TH and I are lactose-intolerant. Having it only once in a while with lactose-free milk works. But this lactose-intolerance is quite new to us, it seems to affect us only when we are in Finland! Very strange but I have heard from some friends that they too have developed lactose-intolerance and other allergies after moving here!

Anyway, on to the recipe. This makes about half a cup of tea each for two people. I used combination of loose black tea and ceylon tea bags because I was running out of loose tea!

In a saucepan, pour 1/4 measuring cup of water and 1 1/4 measuring cups of milk. Add 2 tsp loose black tea and 2 ceylon tea bags along with 3 tsp of sugar. This ratio can be easily adjusted to suit your taste.

Milk tea (chai)

Let everything boil for about 10-12 minutes on medium high. Make sure that you stir it in between so that it does not boil over or burn as a layer at the bottom.

Milk tea (chai)
Milk tea (chai)

And then, it is done! Turn off stove and filter the tea into a mug/cup.

Milk tea (chai)
Milk tea (chai)

It will not be very frothy and thin layer(s) of cream may form on top if left alone for a moment. I cannot stand it and so immediately after filtering, I continuously stir my tea with a spoon until the temperature is good enough for me to drink.

Milk tea (chai)

I like the combination of Marie biscuits and Indian milk tea. Feel free to dip the biscuit into the tea for a second and bite into its goodness!

So, this is the basic Indian milk tea! Crushed cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, etc can be added along with the main ingredients to make masala chai. I usually make the basic version or add ginger or cardamom. What do you like?


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