Eggplants & cookies

When life gives you eggplants, make eggplant curry!

TH and I love eggplants. Last week, we got a lot of eggplants from our local grocery store. For the next 5 days, we had eggplant with either of our meal. Over the weekend, we paid a visit to our ethnic store and found that they got a batch of fresh small eggplants that work great for stuffed Indian curries. More eggplants!

Remember the yoghurt rice I mentioned, we had a similar dish one day for dinner but this is where TH gets creative – he made eggplant raita (pulp of microwaved eggplant in spiced yoghurt) and mixed it with cooked rice. Ta da! eggplant yoghurt rice, it is! Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of it. So I’ll leave it to your imagination!

With the little eggplants, I made a popular Hyderabadi dish called Bagara Baigan or Gutthi vankaaya kura. It is basically whole eggplants stuffed with peanut-sesame-onion-tomato-spice mixture and cooked in the same mixture. My gravy that day was slightly thicker than the usual.

Eggplant curry
Eggplant curry

Once we were done eating eggplants the Indian way, the next day we had it along with zucchini and green pepper in a tortilla wrap.

Tortilla wrap
Tortilla wrap

The fillings were onion rings, jalapenos, salad cheese, cooked eggplant-onion-zucchini-green pepper on a layer of pesto. Very toned down meal after a list of spicy Indian eggplant dishes! I ran out of lettuce (actually, not very fond of it) and TH didn’t want any cucumber. So it was a little bare to the eye without cucumber & greens but it suit our taste buds alright!

Yesterday evening, I made some simple no-fuss cookies. I had half a can of sweetened condensed milk that was giving me threatening stares. And I wanted to make cookies from past few days. That is how it started.


I used saffron, coconut flour and condensed milk to get an amazing flavor to the otherwise basic cookies!


After shaping all the cookies, I wanted some with peanut butter. Being lazy, I spread peanut butter on top of a few of them. Next time, I’ll remember to add it while shaping for a more consistent texture!


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