Summer events in Finland

Summer is celebrated with much awe in Finland. This is the time for many festivals and events. Finns are super cool about making up a day about something and properly following it up every year with a celebration or a competition. On first thoughts, the events may sound weird but soon they strike you as unique and fun! Some of the events I find amusing :

Wife-carrying world championships takes place in Sonkajärvi since 1992. The origin of this competition links back to the history of the place in late 1800s. Wife’s weight should be 49kg and above, if not, they give a filled rucksack to the wife so that total weight reaches 49kg! Prize includes beer equal to the wife’s weight 😉 To compete, one has to apply from January onwards. The competition itself is held in July.

Wife carrying         (Photo credit: Eukonkanto)

Mobile phone throwing was started in Savonlinna in the year 2000. It has now become Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships! As the name suggests, it is a competition to throw mobile phones weighing between 220g – 400g. There are 4 categories – longest distance, creative, team and junior. It is usually held in August every year.

Mobile phone throwing (Photo Credit:)
Mobile phone throwing                   (Photo Credit:Itä-Savo)

Beer floating event is a summer event held in Helsinki-Vantaa in the end of July or beginning of August. It was started in 1997. Participants show up with beer and a rubber boat to sit and drink while floating down the river. That’s called beer floating!  An article about this year’s event is here.

Beer Floating
Beer Floating               (Photo Credit: YLE)

Swamp Soccer World Championships aka soccer in a wet and muddy field. It takes place in Hyrynsalmi. The event was started in 1998 but became world championships from the year 2000.

Swamp Soccer (Photo credit:)
Swamp Soccer                (Photo credit: Nokian Tyres)

World Championships of Berry Picking is usually for picking lingonberries in Suomussalmi. Participants get to pick lingonberries in the forest for 1 hour after which they are weighed. Currently, 27.98 kg is the record in individual class! There are 5 categories including teams, using hand-held picking tools, picking by hand and using a rake. Cash prizes.

In addition, a few other quirky events are Air-Guitar World Championships, Rubber Boot Throwing, Milking Stool Throwing (website in Finnish only) and Gold Panning.

For a comprehensive list of art, culture and music festivals, check out the calendar at Finland Festivals.

Now, how does that sound?


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