Breakfast milkshake

The other day, I woke up quite late and very hungry but didn’t want to eat. A quick look around and I found some bananas. We always keep a pack of dates on our dining table for snacking. So, I tossed 3 dates and 1 banana into a blender with some cold milk. That was my happy breakfast 🙂

Banana-dates milkshake
Banana-dates milkshake

This is the pack of dates we keep. They are soft, pitted, not that sticky and taste great.


Another day, I had to use my last banana but was out of dates so I ended up using some peanut butter and a little sugar. I do not have a picture because I drank it up that quick! Very tasty! It was the first time I put peanut butter in a milkshake and had no idea that others do it. While making it I checked online and there were tons of recipes/pictures for it, of course!


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