Crochet flowers

Early this month was my niece’s birthday so, we planned to surprise her with a scarf & some flower bunting for her room. I crocheted a chevron lace scarf in merino. I used the swatch part of milobo’s chevron lace cardigan & increased the beginning chains to suit the width I was aiming for.  (Unfortunately, no photo of FO).

For the bunting, I made some Maybelle flowers in lavender & maroon-ish violet. The pattern for the flowers is from here.

crochet flower

crochet garland1

crochet flowers

Check this out on Ravelry here

Pin it from here

For connecting the flowers, I crocheted 200 chains & dc into each chain. I was pleased with the way it turned out.

This was the first time I gifted my crochet FOs to my niece, I was very tensed from the minute everything was packed & ready to go! After 1 week of imagining ‘will she like – won’t she like’, I finally was relieved & super thrilled to know that she is very happy with them 🙂


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