A mini-drama in the kitchen

Most evenings, cooking for dinner takes place amidst multiple other activities. TH is also fond of cooking & nearly everyday we cook together. The other night we were making plantain fry & tomato rasam to go with boiled white rice.

While multi-tasking, this is the sequence of events that evening at the stove:

1. TH peeled & chopped the plantain.

2. In a hot frying pan, we put some oil & onion to fry.

3. While TH was putting the plantain skin into the microwave, I added salt to the onion in the pan.

4. When onion was translucent, TH added the cut plantain, turmeric and salt…..

See, what happened? Neither of us noticed it immediately but a shot of TH drizzling salt flashed in my mind as I was waiting for the plantain to fry! A double dose of salt for our beloved plantain fry!

TH acted quickly. With a hand blender, he blended the microwaved plantain skin (which was originally meant to be made into a chutney) & added it to the plantain fry in the pan. After a few minutes of cooking them together & adding red chilli powder, the result was this:

plantain curry

Although it wasn’t technically a plantain fry anymore (A proper plantain fry is dry & crispy), we enjoyed the new recipe. After the new adjustment, the salt was also just right. 🙂

What techniques do you use to get rid of excess salt in a dish?


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