Ravintola Nagarkot

**If you don’t want to read everything, just scroll down to the end of this post to see the plus & minus of this restaurant.**

As I mentioned here, yesterday was our craft group’s 1st anniversary. We celebrated by having dinner, a little game, small gifts & dessert at Ravintola Nagarkot. Nagarkot is a Nepalese restaurant located opposite the train station in Jyväskylä. This restaurant is about 2 years old, if I remember right. The first time I came across this restaurant was on Groupon. In groupon, they put a 3 course meal for 2 at €25. Of course, TH & I went. We liked it and for nearly a year, we went there often. Then, I got terribly bored & stopped going.

To be honest, I have no real idea about Nepalese cuisine. I assume what they serve in Nepalese restaurants across Finland is what their cuisine consists of. But I am pretty sure that like it happens with Indian cuisine in Indian restaurants here, there are many more delicious dishes that never show up on menus (here).

Yesterday, I had alu gobi (potato-cauliflower curry) for dinner. I like how Nagarkot garnishes their curries with slivers of raw ginger (not seen in the picture below). The food & spice level as usual were alright. Their nan bread is good. I find the dal (lentil stew) to be a little too watery but that is how it is made in other Nepalese restaurants as well.


In case you are wondering, the plate consists of (from left) raita, alu gobi curry, dal, tomato based spicy chutney, white rice & salad. Not seen in the picture, but also served is nan bread. Whatever may be the main curry you order, all the other accompanying dishes are the same for everyone.

Although the menu lists price for coffee/tea, Nagarkot usually lets us have complimentary coffee/tea after lunch or dinner. I like their complimentary Nepalese (black) tea.


Ravintola Nagarkot (opposite train station) at Hannikaisenkatu 41, 40100 Jyväskylä

+ Location

+ Service

+ Food

+ Price

– Same lunch menu every week & same à la carte options every day!

Other thoughts:

Lunch menu is a good idea to sample some dishes at a cheaper price. Lunch consists of curry (or curries) of choice along with all the above mentioned accompanying dishes, rice, lassi, aerated drinks, nan bread & coffee/tea for €8.50-€10.50.


Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.


6 thoughts on “Ravintola Nagarkot

      1. I have to say I’ve never tried Nepalese to be exact but in NYC I’m sure I could find a spot… I love Indian food and I assume Nepalese food is similar? Though I don’t want to guess but it looks so from your photo and the menu items….


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