Indian Vegetarian Cooking – 1 Day Course

Last week, I gave my first ever ‘open to public – register – limited spaces only’ type cooking course. Previously, the courses I gave were for groups of people from a certain workplace. In that context, last week’s course was a new-to-me experience. The participants were very enthusiastic to try different & ethnic food. Some of them, even attempted to eat with their right hand! I was so happy with how the day progressed 🙂

The course lasts 4 hours & 30 minutes but the group finished all the tasks – cooking, eating & cleaning in 4 hours!

course menuI chose 2 menus for that day. The participants were divided into 4 groups.

Menu 1:  Papad, Vangibath, Cucumber Raitha, Chickpea salad & Semiya Payasam.

Menu 2: Papad, Jeera Rice, Babycorn-Capsicum Masala, Kachumber salad & Semiya Payasam.

(Sorry, I do not have photos of all the menu items & some photos didn’t turn out well.)

jeera rice



payasamThe food turned out good, spice level was not too high. The funny thing was one group used 2 & another 4 chillies in their cooking but both had similar spice level! Some chillies from the same batch are extremely hot – just 1 would be enough & some are as mentioned. I wonder how I can figure out the hotness of each chilli!


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