We are all snowflakes

After my last update, I did some work, shopping, unpacking, tidying up & then got sick with flu. I knew it was coming anyway as TH was ill throughout the return journey to Finland & I was feeling pretty queasy myself. It took nearly 10 days for us to get back to normal. During this time, we kept ourselves occupied with Netflix & the newest website in my internet list – Quora! I checked Quora once last year but didn’t give it much thought & so it was forgotten. The other day, a friend shared a question (& answer) on Facebook that caught my eye. I had to read the full topic but it was on Quora and I needed to log in. So, I did & I have become sort of addicted to the website!

I am fascinated reading through the never-ending (500,000 topics) questions & answers. There are a huge number of the participants from India asking questions & discussing about India. One thing I like about Quora is that the people writing are from all over the world & hence the answers to general questions (relationships, life, everyday interactions, etc) can vary A LOT! Where we are from, how we perceive the world, what our beliefs are – mould the answers. It is a great learning experience for me to understand why someone from one place sees a question differently than another person from another place.

The question that intrigued me to go searching for answers is this*:


Being an introvert myself, I can relate to the question & to some of the answers so much that it hurt. Not even half way through the answers, tears welled up in my eyes. Finally, finally, finally there are other people like me who experienced the same things as me and are openly discussing about it (unlike me).

Over the years as I began to understand myself and everyone else, it led me to strongly believe that each of us is a DIFFERENT, UNIQUE individual or as TH believes – We are all like snowflakes. This simple realisation is so often forgotten in everyday life!

*(followed by a whole host of other questions on the topic – introverts & introversion)


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