Monthly Roundup – Jan ’15

31 days of yet another new year flew by! Every New Year’s I am filled with hope, excitement, dreams, plans and tons of positive energy. As days pass and I am sucked into the daily routine, I sometimes forget the big picture & stress myself out a LOT! To be motivated & positive throughout the year, I have decided to focus on each month as if it was a ‘New Year’ starting!

On the last day of each month I will post the month’s round-up of the crafts I made, (new/different-from-usual) food we cooked, posts I enjoyed, the most popular posts on Crafty Spell & a post from the past! So, lets start!

Crafts I made:

Crochet wristwarmers

Crochet cowl & wristwarmers set

Hand-dyed fabric

Hand-printed fabric

Origami folded box(es)

Food we cooked:

Cabbage soup

Spinach & kale frittata

Baked Kale chips

Mushroom spinach pie

Cucumber majjiga pulusu (Yoghurt based stew with cucumber)

Posts I enjoyed:

Overheard on the streets of New York (I love this blog!)

Sharpie Sheep Buttons

Recycling with DIY

Crafting Hacks

Popular posts at Crafty Spell:

Easy knitted potholder

Crochet wristwarmers

Suomeksi Sunnuntaina: Kädentaitot

Suomeksi Sunnuntaina: Minusta

We are all snowflakes

Post from the past:

Italy – Pisa

Next round-up on Feb 28.


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