India trip: Home made hair pack

So, most people who know me & have read my blog will know that I had been to India in late 2014. As I mentioned on my Facebook page, I wanted to blog about my trip earlier but the sheer number of photos to select from was too exhausting. Unfortunately, most photos have faces in them & to keep the blog anonymous, I had to choose only a few! Starting with this post, there will be a series of posts coming in the next few weeks about my trip in chronological order.

On one of the days before wedding festivities started, my mom made herself a hair pack. She has used this on her hair for a long time now. It includes fresh hibiscus, fresh henna leaves, store-bought gooseberry powder, coffee decoction, yoghurt and lemon juice.

Hibiscus leaves
Henna leaves
Gooseberry powder

Mom grinds them to a paste & applies on to her hair. After an hour, when it is dry, wash hair with water – no shampoo. On the consecutive day, shampoo hair. She uses this hair pack once a month & makes it fresh each time using the hibiscus, henna leaves from our front yard. This works as a hair dye & controls hair fall. Lovely, isn’t it?


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