Knit : Neckwarmer (Honey Cowl)

Some time last year, I was determined to learn to knit continental. I chose the shorter version of Honey Cowl (quite popular on Ravelry). The talented Kessa in Stitches patiently helped me from cast on to bind off! To show off both sides of the cowl,  I chose a light and dark shade. I made a lot of mistakes – missed a few stitches, forgot to purl & knitted instead and vice versa but this is how it looks in the end.

scarf knit

I had a terrible time trying to purl and ended up with pain in both my hands. I picked it up again after the pain receded & then finished it. Turns out I am also a tight knitter. But, after this cowl, I tried knitting a few swatches and came up with the Easy knitted potholder. I now have a little more practice & the purl stitch is not so difficult! This is the other side of the cowl.

scarf knit1

I am happy with it & glad that I successfully finished it – still terrified of binding off & hate weaving in ends! Both sides shown –

scarf knit2

See this on my Ravelry page

The moment I finished weaving in ends & declared it done, TH tried it on. He loves it! He uses as a neckwarmer for the winter since it is quite snug.


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