Crochet: Lap-ghan (Lap blanket) & a story

**The story**

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary – no, not our wedding anniversary. It is the day TH & I met each other face-to-face, physically. Until then, we were on phone or Skype for about 3 months & our wedding (arranged marriage) was to take place in another 4 months. Coincidentally, I got my work contract in Finland around the same time I got to know TH. So, it was just splendid that we could actually spend some time with each other before tying the knot.

As I waited for my check-in baggage to arrive, I remember thinking – this is it! The moment I got my baggage, gave one last look at my reflection & walked through the sliding doors, there he was holding a bunch of purple tulips 🙂

A colleague from my workplace arrived to take me to my apartment & office. After we reached the apartment, TH unloaded his North Face messenger bag. It was full of stuff (groceries, towels, etc) he thoughtfully brought for me so that I could use them on the first day without having to go shopping. And later, he cooked us our first home-cooked meal : Potato fry with white rice.

Since yesterday is also the day I moved to Finland, it has been 4 years here.

A few months ago, TH said something about a small blanket to cover his lap as he sat in the sofa browsing. I got the idea that I should crochet it. I was thrilled to start but it is a repetitive stitch which got me bored pretty quickly! I managed to finish it a couple of days ago & gifted it to TH for our anniversary yesterday!

It wasn’t a surprise or a secret as he talked about the blanket (not crochet) first, I suggested crochet & he chose some of the colors. Of course, he saw as I crocheted it when possible in the last few months!

**The lap-ghan**

Lap blanket is made using granite stitch (also called moss stitch) in Drops Cotton Light yarn and 6mm hook. I used whatever color yarn I had on hand. Luckily, most of them were in shades of blue so it looks alright together. The green color is an addition as I ran out of blue shades but needed some more length. To be frank, I didn’t like the green combination instantly – it is growing on me. TH doesn’t seem to mind. He is very happy 🙂

lapghanThis is how the granite stitch or moss stitch looks up & close. The lighter shade yarn is actually light blue & darker shade is navy blue. Both colors are captured better in all the other photos except this one!

lapghan2I think I was very patient & enthusiastic on the night I finished it because I blocked it out properly! TH, however, couldn’t wait for it to dry or let me officially gift it to him!

lapghan1 lapghan3See this on my Ravelry page

Update 15.2.2016: This post has garnered so much attention! Thank you! I know that most of you are looking for the pattern, so here it is –

Yarn: 4 and half balls of Drops Cotton Light (50g/105m) in 5 colors. I used up the different colors I had in my stash

Hook: 4 mm

Stitches used: American terminology –

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

Pattern: This is more like a recipe. Change the total number of rows &/or starting number of chains to change size 🙂

Row 1: ch 76

Row 2: sc in 4rth ch from hook,

*ch 1, skip next ch, sc in next ch*

Repeat from *-* till end. Turn.

Row 3: ch 2, sc in next ch 1 space from previous row,

*ch 1, sc in next ch 1 space from previous row*

Repeat *-* till end.

sc on top of turning ch. Turn.

Row 4: ch2, sc in next ch 1 space from previous row,

*ch 1, sc in next ch 1 space from previous row*

Repeat *-* till end.

sc on top of turning ch. Turn.

(Please note, there will be only 2 chains in the turning ch from row 3 onwards unlike row 2 which has 3 chains)

Rows 5 & onwards: Repeat row 4 until desired size of the blanket!

My lap blanket measures 45 x 80 cm and I changed colors as I ran out of each skein.

If you make this blanket, I’d love to see it! Please email me or share it on Ravelry, FB or Instagram & tag crafty spell 🙂


14 thoughts on “Crochet: Lap-ghan (Lap blanket) & a story

  1. I so enjoyed reading this post! First of all, happy anniversaries! I enjoyed reading your story of how you met your husband as well as your move to Finland! How lovely and how poignant your post was! The beautiful lap-ghan you made for your love is a sign of how much you love and care for one another…
    and PS: I love Potato Fry with rice!
    All my best and many compliments!


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