Crochet : Cowl & wristwarmers set

One of the crochet stitches I am fond of is hdc (half double crochet, american terminology). Making stitches into the third loop of the hdc results in a pretty & (faux) knit finish. Last year on impulse, I made a cowl using this technique (ripped it off a few weeks go!)

This time using Drops Alaska yarn from my upcycling I made a set of cowl & wristwarmers. This is the faux knit side.

blue scarf 1


scarf set1

The other side has a very interesting texture. In fact, I (even TH) love this texture more than the faux knit!

blue scarf


scarf set2blue scarf 2I haven’t used a pattern. I customised the starting chains to the size that suits me. I used Aran weight yarn about 200 m & a 5mm hook for the set.

For the cowl, ch 76. Join in the round with slip stitch. Ch 2 & hdc into each ch, slip st at end of row. Ch2 & hdc into third loop of each hdc from previous row, slip st at end of row. Repeat until desired height.

For the wristwarmers, ch 20. Join in the round with slip stitch. Ch2 & hdc into each ch. When I reached the last stitch, instead of joining & chaining 2, I continued in spirals until desired length.

What do you think? Which side do you like?


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