Hand-dyed yarn

After hand printing & dyeing on fabric, I attempted hand dyeing yarn. I was so excited to do it! I didn’t think much of what colors to use (ok, had in mind that it’ll be multi-color).

When I was ready with the gloves, apron, yarn & dyes, I picked turquoise & spread it on a patch. Then I chose some bright yellow & red. I repeated this sequence 2 more times. Now, I am not very familiar with color mixing. I bunched up the yarn into a bowl to microwave. I could see changing colors & panic was taking over me. Once the heating process was done, I stared at my yarn wondering what I did. My course mates were oohing & aahing at my piece of work but not me, I wasn’t prepared for this!

I took it home & let it dry. Maybe, it grew on me or the shades are better after drying but I love it now! First couple of days, I had it next to me on the sofa – touching it, hugging it & showing it off. That sofa phase has passed & now every time I walk past my yarn stash, I look & touch it proudly 🙂

dyed yarn

I am browsing through patterns for this yarn. Any pattern suggestions – knit (beginner) & crochet (any level) are appreciated.


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