India trip: Part 2

**Part 1 is here**

One of the things that I do when I visit India is go through my stuff I left there like clothes, accessories, etc. Mom stores them carefully until I visit each time. This time I found a couple of (fashion/costume jewellery) necklaces. I remembered having & using the violet one –

lav necklace blue necklace

But the other blue necklace, I had no idea until mom jogged my memory! It was a gift from a relative many years ago & I never got to use it. I planned to wear it on one of the days for the wedding. I didn’t know what color clothes I was going to buy & wear so couldn’t decide immediately. I put it away & then got busy with other stuff. After I got to Finland & browsed through these photos, I realised that I forgot all about it!


One day we got a batch of unhulled peanuts –

groundnut husk

So, we hulled them –


It was fun to do this with my parents – living so far away & spending so little time we do not get many such relaxing moments. Usually, trips to India are terribly busy – there will be a lot happening even if we visit for a week or 5 weeks. I am sometimes so exhausted & stressed out that I wish for my apartment & quietness in Finland! Strange, I know!


2 thoughts on “India trip: Part 2

  1. First of all, what amazing jewelry! I’m sure you were glad to find them again!
    And secondly, I agree that visiting parents and hanging out and chatting with them (over hulling peanuts in your case! ) is so important! The hulled peanuts look interesting! Yummmmm.
    Have a brilliant start to the week and enjoy!

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