India trip – Charminar Shopping

Charminar translates to ‘four towers’. It is a monument & mosque in Hyderabad. One of the streets leading to (or away from, however you see it) Charminar is known as Laad Bazaar or Choodi Bazaar. Laad translates to ‘lacquer’ used for making bangles & choodi translates to bangle(s). These bangles are very popular but I know them as ‘Charminar bangles’ or ‘stone bangles’. They are usually studded with artificial diamonds, semi-precious stones or pearls.

While we were in Hyderabad, we went shopping for bangles for the wedding. Well, actually, I thought I’ll stroll around & see if I like anything. After we reached there, I was sure I was going to buy something. Soon I spent nearly 4 hours selecting, trying out & buying for almost every one! Not to mention, I went back for some more the next day! Here is the Charminar as we walked towards it.


A shop-on-wheels selling bangles –

charminar bangles

In one of the first shops we visited, I took this picture of the bangles displayed behind a glass case.

bangle store

This is one of the first set of bangles I tried on. I didn’t buy them as although pretty they felt too bridal to me (& coincidentally my brother’s wife – the bride wore similar ones at their wedding!)

trying bangles

What do you think of these? I have to show you these bangles because they are made with inspiration from the Candy Crush game!

cc collage

If you are visiting Charminar to buy bangles, remember to bargain boldly! It is also a good idea to do your homework on differentiating between real & fake pearls/semi-precious stones 🙂


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