Hand printing & other things

**Other things**

The last couple of weeks have been very busy. First, I was down for nearly a week with flu. Then, from 10.4-12.4.2015, the Lapsi Messut (Child Fair) took place in Helsinki. It is a spring event with 5 exhibitions/fairs going on simultaneously. I did a tickets giveaway for the fair. I also visited the fairs! (More about them, coming soon!)

On 16.4-17.4.2015, I attended a conference on ‘Frugal Innovation’ which basically means developing high quality products/services using minimum resources & money (a.k.a innovating/developing sustainable, affordable products under constraints & cost controls). It was a very inspiring conference. There were 24 speakers with amazing ideas from all over the world!

The textile course I was going to ended last week. Oh, I miss it! The teacher & classmates were very friendly & helpful not to mention patient as I spoke in Finnish & struggled to figure out craft related words all the time! I also had a chance to meet with Molla Mills at her studio last Friday.(More later!)

**Hand printing**

Remember my first fabric prints? A few weeks ago I hand-printed another design. I loved the design & the color combination. What started as a trial piece of cloth quickly turned to a fat quarter & then another.

handprinted fabric

Last week, I made some more. I haven’t planned how to use the fabric, I am just very happy to make this design & stare obsessively at it! Don’t you love it?


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