KCBW6 (Day 3): Experimental Photography & Image Handling

**The posts titled KCBW6 belong to the ‘6th Annual Knit & Crochet Blog Week’ event I am taking part in. Click image if you want to join or for more info**


Today is day 3 & involves photography. For the photos in this blog, I often use Fotor which is amazing! Eskimimi’s prompt suggested Pixlr & BigHugeLabs. I never heard of the latter until today. I tried it & made a few things today.

The following photo is the negative of the lap blanket I made. I love how the original colors turned into these new ones, especially look at the orange!

fx271d03180dac46170287ee046d91673505a1d998Black & white photographs are so beautiful, right? The following is one of the photos I took last summer – now in b & w wallpaper with a calendar.

wallpaper136b1bfa7a587b184132c4575a791f9c2a3793faI also made a few stamps with my handprinted fabric & wristwarmers photos. Cute, aren’t they?

frame901a33254ebd596b54179ad3a9c493772b283d9b framebdb4a143d6e0a108eb469c4e4474901e3b99d7f4

 framecdda62e8d893cb007b0d6a9c6b7c7d6795eab8b3 frameeca8bdedb2ef967c925dedd6294452ebb17339dd

Well, what do you think? What sites do you use for your photos?




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