KCBW6 (Day 4): Bags of Fun

**The posts titled KCBW6 belong to the ‘6th Annual Knit & Crochet Blog Week’ event I am taking part in. Click image if you want to join or for more info**


I love today’s topic! I’m supposed to give you a look into my tools, notions & other unmentionables of my knit/crochet bag. Last year, I posted a tote bag I crocheted. That is where I store all my wips & project bags. I also posted a hand-sewn project bag & another that I sewed on a sewing machine. Apart from these, I use freezer bags as well for storing my yarn/wips!

Most often, my project bag has only the wip, hook/needle in use, stitch markers (if necessary) & scissors. When I am crocheting/knitting out of home, I also have a pen & paper with me. I store the remaining tools & notions in a bag at home.

I crochet more than I knit. These are the most important & commonly used tools from my bag. I prefer to use the first 5 crochet hooks on the left for my projects. The bigger sizes on the right are acrylic, lightweight but they tend to hurt my hand if I use on bigger projects. So, I keep their use to a minimum. I bought the metal heart to link in my key chain but I use it as a stitch marker!
crochet hooksThese are the assorted needles I own. There should also be a KnitPro cubics in 4.5mm somewhere in my craft stash! I haven’t yet completed a project with 3.5mm needles because the last time I started, it took too long & I lost interest. The Clover 5.5mm needles are good. As I looked for my tools to do this post, I found a brand-new KnitPro knooking hook/needle (far right in the photo below)!

needlesI have whined a few times on this blog about knitting. It is the slowness that bothers (& bores) me all the time. A few days ago, I attempted a knitting project with my Pony 10mm needles. It is growing quicker than my other knitting attempts. I am thrilled & I have decided that from now on if I knit, I’ll stick to these big needles 🙂

wipNow, I have to find some knooking projects! If anyone has any ideas, do let me know.

What do you think of my tools collection? What do you have in your knit/crochet/craft bag?


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