Ravintola Dong Bei Hu – China Tiger

For a very long time, I loved Chinese food. My Chinese food experience came from Indian restaurants in India. Many years later, I got to know that what I love is actually Indian-Chinese cuisine! My favourites in this cuisine are ‘Fried rice’ & ‘Manchurian’.

On New Year day 2014 (yep, that’s not a typo), TH & I were in Helsinki & we visited a Chinese restaurant : Dong Bei Hu – China Tiger. We (especially me) walked into the restaurant very skeptically but it turned out to be a good surprise! The ambience was good, the staff were friendly, restaurant was full but we got a table quickly & the food was tasty. Being an ardent fan of fried rice, I had to try their version. I remember being very pleased with it. It was very different from mine (obviously!)

I never got to go back to that restaurant until last month. In April, we spent a few days in Helsinki for a conference. On the evening the conference ended, TH & I went to celebrate with a dinner at China Tiger.

This time I ordered their fried rice again. By the way, my order is ‘Fried rice with eggs’ in their menu. Taking the meaning too literally, I asked the waitress if she could add vegetables to make it fried rice with egg & vegetables. She told me that even though it doesn’t say, it includes vegetables! So, this is how it looks!

chinese riceTH ordered an eggplant dish. It is ‘Fried eggplant with Korean chilli sauce’ in the menu. Salad & a bowl of rice were served with it.

chineseThe food was good initially. Both of us loved & shared it but there was a ton of oil in everything. TH & I felt nauseous after our dinner & we are pretty sure the oil is to blame for. We did avoid most of the oil from our food but still it was too much!

So, what can I say about this restaurant? Love it but hate it?


Dong Bei Hu – China Tiger (very near to Southern Esplanade) at Korkeavuorenkatu 47, 00130 Helsinki

+ Location

+ Price

+ Friendly staff

+ Tasty food but..

– Very oily food (this time)

Other thoughts:

The first time we tried in 2014, we had a better experience. I don’t think I will be going back there until about an year or more when I will have forgotten this ‘oily’ experience!


Note: This is NOT a sponsored post!


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