Last week in Stockholm – Library

We visited Stockholm in neighbouring Sweden recently. It wasn’t summery weather. There was a chill in the wind with some drizzles now & then. But the sun showed up too! We did manage to hang out when the sun shined 🙂 More about our trip will come soon but first a post on Stockholms Stadsbibliotek!

I love libraries. I love the quietness. I love books, well, paper actually. Last week in Stockholm, I visited the popular Stadsbibliotek. It was a nice day & I walked too much on cobbled streets. This was my relaxing space before flopping down in bed!

By the way, the picture below is not about Mc Donald’s! Focus on the brown building, it is the library. The entrance is round the corner behind the Mc Donald’s.

libraryAs I walked in, a huge group of tourists were just leaving. There is a café on the right & children books area on the right. And then, 3 staircases (don’t know where the side staircases lead too, they were closed).

library entranceartAhaa, the magnificent library. I love the open-plan & the high roof!

library inside

roofI browsed through a few books. I noticed many people coming in for pictures only.

booksSo, that was about one of my favourite places in Stockholm. Do you like it?






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