Ravintola Mt Everest (Vilhola)

Mt Everest is a Nepalese restaurant in Hesinki. The restaurant is in 3 locations. This review is about their restaurant in Vilhola i.e. next to Helsinki train station (on the other side where you take 615 to airport) near Radisson Blu Plaza hotel. It is at a very convenient place when you are going to or coming from the airport & need curry in your stomach 🙂

We ate here for the first time in July 2014 on our return from Florence to Helsinki. This is my second time & we visited there in April 2015. We had lunch on a Saturday, so there was no lunch menu.

Both TH & I ordered vegetable biryani. It comes with spicy green chutney, salad & sweet raita. The biryani was okay, the name didn’t correspond to the taste for me as I have the Indian biryani/pulao dishes in mind. This reminded me something on the lines of South Indian tomato rice.

mt everest biryaniThe biryani also comes with nan bread. We love to have nan bread with a curry. So, every time we order similar rice-based dishes, we ask for a side dish of curry. This time, we tried their okra curry. It is similar to the okra-potato curry in Base Camp Jyväskylä. It tasted good.

mt everest okra curryThe restaurant was busy both times we went but the staff were friendly & service quick. On one of the conference days last month, a group of speakers & guests went to have dinner here & all of them had very nice things to say about the restaurant.


Ravintola Mt Everest (next to Helsinki train station) at Vilhonkatu 9, Rautatientori, Helsinki

+ Location

+ Service

+ Food

+ Price


Note: This is NOT a sponsored post!


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