Jewellery making

I must have mentioned that my brush with crafts (when I actually enjoyed crafting) started with jewellery making. It seems like a long time ago in a different world but it was only 3.5 years ago in Helsinki!

I was living by myself during the week & meeting TH during weekends. I came across a notification for a jewellery making workshop. But,

  • I never gave jewellery making a thought.
  • I am not very fond of jewellery.
  • I do not usually attend a random workshop in a new city with no friends joining me.

That weekend, TH & I didn’t meet. On an impulse, I attended the workshop. It was in Finnish with some English translation (for me). I made a few ear-rings. I loved it!

**That workshop was also the first time I started attending courses given in Finnish with no non-Finnish people in sight, such as, the most recent textile course!**

After that I made some more at home. I still love to make but my mind is too scattered figuring out crochet projects, knitting patterns & other stuff. This leaves jewellery making on the back burner. Funny thing is I learn to crochet because I wanted to make beaded crochet jewellery. Instead, I got too involved with yarn!

These are the first few chains I made –








4 thoughts on “Jewellery making

  1. Wow! I love these creations you made! You are a talented jewelry-maker! I love all the pics but the last one, with the big, chunky beads is my favorite…Congrats and thanks for sharing with us!

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