WIP or Abandoned?

WIP gives a positive spin to all those shapeless, incomplete projects. In the first few months of my crochet days, I bought yarn for a project, finished it & then figured out what to buy/do next. It seemed so easy but then one day I didn’t want to continue crocheting in blue, another color & another project were calling me. There started my new ‘craft’ vocabulary – wip, stash, saving this yarn for the perfect project, working on multiple projects simultaneously, frogging, hibernating, etc.

Recently, I decided that if a project has been left in the WIP stage for longer than 6 months (for no good reason), it is an ‘Abandoned Project’. I did some checking in my stash & found these long-lost projects :

1. Supposed to be a colorful spring granny square hat. Oh, how I hate joining squares!


2. Forgotten shrug. I stored this very safely & forgot all about it. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to find this 🙂


3. Cardigan or not? After crocheting till here, I noticed I may not have enough yarn to finish the cardigan. Fighting with the dilemma of going ahead with it (& searching for the yarn) or frogging it to make something else!


What projects do you have in your stash – wips, hibernating projects, frogged or abandoned projects?


5 thoughts on “WIP or Abandoned?

  1. Ah yes, WIP implies that I’m going to actually finish it someday……can’t guarantee that will happen with all my WIP’s 🙂


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