MKAL, anyone?

Until last year, I had no idea what a KAL, CAL or MKAL is! (If you do not know, don’t worry, it is a short form of Knit Along, Crochet Along, Mystery Knit Along respectively where a group of people follow a common pattern & make their project together).

I love the idea of crochet/knit in a certain timeframe with other knitters/crocheters sharing thoughts & supporting each other. In reality, I am a bit of a let-my-mood-decide-my-project person. Maybe a shawl today, a blanket tomorrow & a hat whenever, is what my craft calendar reads like. None of them might even be completed! This makes my participation in a KAL/CAL slightly unsure.

Add to that, my love-hate relationship with knitting plus my ignorance of most knitting techniques & a mystery surrounding how the project should turn up in the end (MKAL) – a recipe for stressful days, not so perfect results (?) & a dissatisfied me!

In spite of it all, I plan to try some day. I recently found an interesting MKAL in Ravelry but dropped out in the last-minute because of above said reasons & a major life change 😉

Major life change is we are relocating to Helsinki soon. Lots of packing, sorting & other moving stuff to do, not to mention we still have to find a place! So, a million things to keep me busy that I didn’t want to add my first MKAL to it.

For future reference, if you organised or participated in a MKAL, I would love to hear how you go about it. Any tips (for a beginner like me) would be highly appreciated. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “MKAL, anyone?

  1. Thank you for sharing KAL, CAL and MKAL with us! I didn’t know what it was but I love this idea! It’s kind of like a book club for knitters/crocheters…I like the communal idea of it…
    I can imagine though how busy you are, thinking about your move! Good luck! I’m sure it’ll all work out ok in the end. How far is Helsinki from where you live now?
    Have a lovely start to your week!


    1. Glad you enjoyed this post 🙂
      Yeah, started boxing up a couple of days ago – how stuff piles up!! And, still searching for an apartment. Helsinki is about 3.5 hours away from us.
      Thank you & have a wonderful week you too!

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      1. I can imagine that packing is the least fun part of moving ! I’ve done it many times…But the good thing is that you get to purge all those items that are in the back of your closet! (I should do that myself soon, even though I’m not moving!)
        Oh, Helsinki is far from where you are now…I’m sure it’ll be a great move and you’ll find a stunning apartment!
        Good luck and all my best,

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