Day trip to Tallinn

Last week, we celebrated TH’s birthday with a day trip to Tallinn in Estonia. Since we moved to Helsinki, it’s so much easier to make a quick trip. This is also our first trip to Tallinn & on a ferry!

It was a beautiful sunny day! We took a ferry leaving Helsinki at 7.30 & reached Tallinn by 9.30. Outside the port in Tallinn, we found this guy selling coffee from a van! coffeeWe walked towards the Old Town in about 15 minutes. tallinnAfter spending a couple of hours in the winding cobblestone streets of Old Town, we crossed over to visit a shopping mall (Viru Keskus).tallinn tramTaxis like this were everywhere. I would call it a motorised rickshaw!taxi rickshawWe went back to Old Town for lunch at an Indian restaurant.lunchWe then strolled through more tiny streets & squares (tori/torg). shop

tallinn1By 15.00, we were done & walked back towards the port. There is a big super market very close to the port. We stopped there to pick up some snacks & drinks. On the return journey we were so tired, we dozed off in our seats almost immediately!   ship

seaWe were back in Helsinki by 18.30. This was the shortest & cheapest international trip ever. Can’t wait to go back again. Next time, I will plan ahead & do some shopping (Tallinn is way cheaper) 🙂





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