Knit: Striped wrist warmers

I love wrist warmers! I love living in Finland, I get the opportunity to wear them half the year 🙂 These wrist warmers are knit! A pair of knit ‘something’ (read: wrist warmers, mittens, leg warmers, leggings!) was on my wish list since last year. Finally, I can strike it off!

Pattern: toast on Ravelry

Yarn: Drops Alpaca

Needles: Knit pro cubics 4.5mm (these are my new favorite!)



My take on the pattern:

  1. Pattern calls for double point needles, I used circular.
  2. Knitted each wrist warmer flat & then joined edges with whip stitch.
  3. To define the borders, I used ribbed stitch for a few rows at top & bottom.
  4. Made them into striped wrist warmers.

This is a very simple & quick project. I wouldn’t mind making some more especially in cashmere. Oh, how soft & warm will that be!


Check out the other wrist warmers I made (just click picture to go to original post) –

Hermione shell mittens
Reversible wrist warmers
V-stitch wrist warmers

Which is your favourite?

P.S. Hope you liked the new post style 🙂 Let me know!



10 thoughts on “Knit: Striped wrist warmers

  1. Those are really cute! My third project last year was long wristwarmers made from Drops Karisma superwash, which I also knitted flat because I didn’t get along with double-pointed needles at all, and I have used them loads last winter after finishing them around Christmastime in Stockholm!

    This makes me want to grab needles and a bit of yarn and make another pair like this again, maybe in something fancier than just wool – cashmere, merino, baby camel or some such! Need to rummage in my yarn bag and see what I have!

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