Cup cozy & a snack

Yesterday the daylight savings time ended & we got an extra hour of sleep! On chilly mornings (& evenings) I love to have a cup of hot black tea. Do you use a cup cozy? I just repurposed a small part of an old sweater into a cup cozy! This was my first time & I absolutely loved it. You should make one, too!

I used the cuff of one sleeve to make my cozy. It is a good idea to sew first & then cut the sweater sleeve to avoid unraveling. I didn’t follow that method but I recommend that you do to save yourself time & panic. What I did was – I cut off a couple of inches extra length above the cuff, hand sewed around the desired length carefully (mine started unraveling = panic!) and trimmed the excess length.


I bought some lace on our trip to Tallinn, Estonia. I used a small piece for this cup cozy. I hand sewed the lace on the cut & sewn side. It doesn’t show the sewn stitches or trimmed edges anymore. And, lace adds beauty to everything!!

cup cozy

I removed buttons from the same sweater. They are big, smooth & black with two holes. I am pretty sure I’ll use them on my hat, wrist warmers or if I make a cardigan for myself!



The other day we made an evening snack to go with our tea (me) & coffee (TH). It was delicious! Here is our ‘muri mixture’ made with puffed rice, onion, tomato, coriander leaves, lemon juice & store-bought mixture. Earlier this month, in my cooking course, we made this along with a bunch of other Indian street foods (photos here).


muri mixture

Hungry? Do you like Indian (street) food?

Have a fabulous week ❤


2 thoughts on “Cup cozy & a snack

  1. Oh I never thought about using the cuff off a jumper to make a cosy! I have been wasting so much time knitting them!


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