Our weekend – Meidän Viikonloppu

This autumn’s craft show at Messukeskus was a part of Our Weekend – Meidän Viikonloppu. The event included ELMA Helsinki Food & Countryside Show, Helsinki Forest Fair, Arts&Crafts, OutletExpo and Pets. I had a fabulous time discovering new sellers & got some exciting craft ideas 🙂

Although I took tons of photos, here are the few that made it to the blog. They are all from the Arts & Crafts section, well, almost!

I loved the gorgeous leather flower hair clips & brooches at ViaMinnet –


And the lights at Sellofaani. They had a good number of colors & metallic ball options to choose from. Lovely decor –


Another lighting arrangement idea from Lumikellot Design. All you have to do is spread the ‘acrylic gel crystal pearls’ (see top picture on the right) on a glass bottle. Let it dry & you are done! Simple, easy, quick – just my kind of project!


I remember seeing a how-to video for similar candles. These handmade candles from Kristallikauppa look so intricate & pretty. I would never light them! –


I found screen printed pillow covers. All of them in black & white with some vintage pictures –

pillow covers

Doll pendants! Aren’t they cute? –


Gorgeously done ceramic –


DIY wreaths or other decor. A work shop was on for kids when I visited.

diy wreath

Santa was present too (look carefully in the photo on the left)!! Another little workshop for kids to make tiny elf decor with chopped wood, felt pieces & cotton.



So, that’s it from the craft show this time. Hope you have an amazing week 🙂


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