Finnish Handicrafts Fair / Suomen Kädentaidot Messut

*** Warning: Image heavy & long post***

Earlier this month, I visited Tampere for the Suomen Kädentaidot Messut (Finnish Handicrafts Fair). It was held for the 20th time! This was my first time visiting the fair & I loved it! The variety of crafts displayed was just so amazing!

I went on the first day. It was a day trip for me. The fact that it was a not-to-miss event showed from the bus terminal in Helsinki. There were a lot of people (actually, women) waiting to go to Tampere. In Tampere, there were special buses from city centre to the exhibition centre exclusively for fair goers. Although the buses came every 10 minutes, they filled up to their capacity at the first stop! So many people waiting at the consecutive stops on the way had to see a sorry-bus-is-full shrug & a wave from the bus driver. I was lucky to get into a full bus as the last passenger. As we neared the exhibition centre, car parking area was very busy. Someone in the bus said that people from all over Finland drive to this event. Wow!

The entry to the fair was quick. As a craft blogger, I was given a blogger’s pass for the fair. It took a few minutes to orient myself & check out all the exhibitors. There were cafes, some food exhibitors & ice cream kiosks in the halls. I didn’t stop to take a break because there was so much to see & I had a deadline to return to Helsinki!

I watched the opening ceremony for a short while.


Then, I checked out all the exhibitors one by one. Some of them here:


glass art

Candles –candles


The Novita yarn brand had long queues & people were buying in bulk! It was quite an interesting sight 🙂


Cupcakes, right? Wrong! They are soap 🙂


Biodegradable jewellery made with dried berries!

berry jewellery

Lovely fabric –b&w fabric

Cuteness galore! cute

More cuteness with dollhouse craft room!dollhouse

Wow! I enjoyed every bit of my visit to the fair. There was so much going on – workshops, interviews, fashion shows! I only wished I had more time to enjoy all the beautiful things at Suomen Kädentaidot Messut!


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