Bullet journal

Years ago, a girl was distributing freebies at a tram stop. It was a small but thick book. When I opened it, it had the year’s calendar & pages for every day of the year. I had no idea what to do with it. Some of the pages in the book had interesting drawings & sceneries. So, I carefully stored it (can’t help it, I am trying to change this habit & use things today and not resorting to storing-forgetting-and ultimately never using it cycle).

Eventually, I noticed people opening their precious (big & small) calendar books to decide on a meeting time, party, road trip, shopping, laundry and what not. So, I tried once. I forgot about it. Then I tried again & made it a habit. I also learnt it is called a daily planner. Now, 9 years later, a yearly calendar book aka daily planner is a huge & important part of my life!

Over the years, I used different daily planners from basic to fancy. January 1st is an exciting day to start my new planner each year. But, it is also a frustrating day when I am in two minds – should I throw away last year’s planner or save it?

In 2015, I came across a ‘bullet journal’. Wow! It was exactly what I wanted. Bullet journal screams creative, open, flexible, authentic and personal. For newbies, a bullet journal is basically a combined daily planner and a diary. It can be much more too. I love that it is totally customisable and makes sense to store it to read in the future (after all, it is a personal diary too)!

There are tons of tips, ideas and photos of people’s bullet journals all over the internet. I have scoured Pinterest for bullet journal pins. See some of my favourites (click each picture to go to their source) –

Roadmap bullet journal from ‘Hello I am Prince’
Bullet Journal ideas from ‘Boho Berry’
Daily Layout ideas from ‘Without Elephants’
Bullet Journal ideas from ‘Pepper and Twine’
Bullet Journal ideas from ‘Pepper and Twine’
Bullet Journal ideas from ‘Pepper and Twine’

So, what do you think? Do you use year planners or bullet journals?



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