Playing with paints & paper

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Cruising through Pinterest, I saw a few paintings but what caught my eye was beautiful and colourful marbled designs on paper. Wow, they were so pretty! I had to make them so I searched and read about paper marbling.


A few basics about paper marbling –

  • Use thick watercolour paper for best results.
  • Use acrylic paints or liquid watercolours or nail polish or food colours.
  • Use shaving cream as base. Other options include water or milk and a layer of alum for the paper.

I didn’t want to buy any supplies like alum, carrageenan, liquid starch that I may or may not use again. I was a little skeptical about dipping my paper in water/milk or use nail polish. I didn’t have any food colours. Using shaving cream was interesting and easily available. I have acrylic paints (fabric paints) and a ruler. All I had to buy was watercolour paper.

I got the watercolour paper from the Flying Tiger Copenhagen (previously, Tiger) store. Oh, how I love that store. It makes me very happy just walking through it. They always seem to have something I need 🙂


These are the acrylic paints (fabric paints) I had at home. I got them from India a few years ago.


So, how did I make it ? –

  • Place plastic wrap (cling wrap) all over the table. Alternatively, use a wide pan or baking dish. I didn’t want to use any kitchen utensils with the shaving foam and paints, so I choose to do it straight on the plastic wrap. Plus it is much easier to clean!
  • Spread a thick layer of shaving foam in the same size or slightly bigger than the paper.
  • Add a few drops of paint in one or more colours on the shaving foam.
  • Use a toothpick to gently spread and mix the paints around. Don’t overdo.
  • Take one watercolour sheet and gently press it on to the shaving foam+paint. Press for about 30 seconds, making sure all areas of the paper is touching the shaving foam+paint.
  • Remove paper and place foam side up.
  • With a ruler, in one single motion, swipe the foam from side to side or top to bottom. As the ruler moves, the colours combine to form unique patterns.
  • Use a tissue paper to blot out any shaving foam or wet paint remaining.
  • Let it dry completely. If the paper is not flat anymore, place weights on the marbled paper and leave it overnight.


These marbled papers are versatile. Use it as a base for another painting or cut it into other shapes for decoration. If you use greeting card size papers for marbling, they will make beautiful handmade cards.

For more inspiration about this technique, check out this, this, this and this. I read them before I started my paper marbling.

It turned out pretty good, don’t you think?

P.S. If you like these marbled papers, please pin them!


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