Unusual laundry day

My beautiful purple hat went for a spin (40 minutes) in a high heat dryer. I used it all winter in 2016. It was warm, cozy & I loved the color. I made it with Drops Lima – wool & alpaca mix yarn. I put it in a washing bag and tossed it along with other wool clothing. I thought it might felt, but it didn’t bother me. From the washer, TH moved it to the dryer. Although he thought it might be a bad idea, he wanted to try. And, he did. When the clothes came back, he said that he might have ruined my hat. I laughed.

Now, my beautiful hat looks fuzzy and small. It won’t fit my head anymore.

I didn’t feel sad or angry. All I could think of was – hey, I can make another one! Maybe because I have been itching to make another hat but had to tell myself I have enough already. Now I got a chance. Or, maybe because I was curious to see what happens to a wool product I made.

Nevertheless, good bye my beautiful, warm & cozy purple hat –



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