Hi, I am Swati. Thank you for stopping by, reading, commenting and following me! I hope you enjoy my craft posts, patterns & updates.

My love-crafts phase started only a few years ago, thanks to a friend who invited me to her crafting group meet. The stars aligned to make my first crochet project a visible success. It felt quite funny that I called it my ‘crafty spell’. Half a year later, this blog was created.

I also write about food and travel. I live in beautiful Finland so you will see those photos from time to time. These days, when I am in a hurry, I post a quick shot or two on my Instagram!


You can find more inspiration & patterns in my Pinterest boards –

And on Instagram –

You are welcome to contact me via social media or send me an email at craftyspell@gmail.com

So, let’s get inspired ♥


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Reading your About Me page reminds me of my self haha. lemme give you an example. I will read a book that I really like and half way thru, and because I will be busy with lots of stuff, the book will be buried somewhere in my room and then after a few months, I will realize “hey im reading a book…”



  2. I was born into a crafty, thrifty, hand-work oriented household in Texas many years ago. I have no idea how many articles I have made for others over the years, but it was wonderful having the skill to use for people. Looking back, I wish I had saved some of those handmade things–the quilts, sweaters, shawls, embroidery and tailored clothing, but someone else appreciates them I am sure.

    If I had those years to relive, I would try seriously to learn another language and to cook regional foods. Our family has lived in several states in the United States and five foreign countries. We have to admit there is no food in the world as addictive as Indian food. I know a few recipes, but not the overall knack of throwing all those spices together.


    1. How lucky you are to be making crafty stuff from a young age! Although I was taught, I could never learn them or be interested until my mid 20s.

      I am glad to know that you like Indian food. I do post some recipes now & then. Hope they will be of use to you 🙂


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