Our weekend – Meidän Viikonloppu

This autumn’s craft show at Messukeskus was a part of Our Weekend – Meidän Viikonloppu. The event included ELMA Helsinki Food & Countryside Show, Helsinki Forest Fair, Arts&Crafts, OutletExpo and Pets. I had a fabulous time discovering new sellers & got some exciting craft ideas 🙂

Although I took tons of photos, here are the few that made it to the blog. They are all from the Arts & Crafts section, well, almost!

I loved the gorgeous leather flower hair clips & brooches at ViaMinnet –


And the lights at Sellofaani. They had a good number of colors & metallic ball options to choose from. Lovely decor –


Another lighting arrangement idea from Lumikellot Design. All you have to do is spread the ‘acrylic gel crystal pearls’ (see top picture on the right) on a glass bottle. Let it dry & you are done! Simple, easy, quick – just my kind of project!


I remember seeing a how-to video for similar candles. These handmade candles from Kristallikauppa look so intricate & pretty. I would never light them! –


I found screen printed pillow covers. All of them in black & white with some vintage pictures –

pillow covers

Doll pendants! Aren’t they cute? –


Gorgeously done ceramic –


DIY wreaths or other decor. A work shop was on for kids when I visited.

diy wreath

Santa was present too (look carefully in the photo on the left)!! Another little workshop for kids to make tiny elf decor with chopped wood, felt pieces & cotton.



So, that’s it from the craft show this time. Hope you have an amazing week 🙂


Day trip to Tallinn

Last week, we celebrated TH’s birthday with a day trip to Tallinn in Estonia. Since we moved to Helsinki, it’s so much easier to make a quick trip. This is also our first trip to Tallinn & on a ferry!

It was a beautiful sunny day! We took a ferry leaving Helsinki at 7.30 & reached Tallinn by 9.30. Outside the port in Tallinn, we found this guy selling coffee from a van! coffeeWe walked towards the Old Town in about 15 minutes. tallinnAfter spending a couple of hours in the winding cobblestone streets of Old Town, we crossed over to visit a shopping mall (Viru Keskus).tallinn tramTaxis like this were everywhere. I would call it a motorised rickshaw!taxi rickshawWe went back to Old Town for lunch at an Indian restaurant.lunchWe then strolled through more tiny streets & squares (tori/torg). shop

tallinn1By 15.00, we were done & walked back towards the port. There is a big super market very close to the port. We stopped there to pick up some snacks & drinks. On the return journey we were so tired, we dozed off in our seats almost immediately!   ship

seaWe were back in Helsinki by 18.30. This was the shortest & cheapest international trip ever. Can’t wait to go back again. Next time, I will plan ahead & do some shopping (Tallinn is way cheaper) 🙂




Ravintola Mt Everest (Vilhola)

Mt Everest is a Nepalese restaurant in Hesinki. The restaurant is in 3 locations. This review is about their restaurant in Vilhola i.e. next to Helsinki train station (on the other side where you take 615 to airport) near Radisson Blu Plaza hotel. It is at a very convenient place when you are going to or coming from the airport & need curry in your stomach 🙂

We ate here for the first time in July 2014 on our return from Florence to Helsinki. This is my second time & we visited there in April 2015. We had lunch on a Saturday, so there was no lunch menu.

Both TH & I ordered vegetable biryani. It comes with spicy green chutney, salad & sweet raita. The biryani was okay, the name didn’t correspond to the taste for me as I have the Indian biryani/pulao dishes in mind. This reminded me something on the lines of South Indian tomato rice.

mt everest biryaniThe biryani also comes with nan bread. We love to have nan bread with a curry. So, every time we order similar rice-based dishes, we ask for a side dish of curry. This time, we tried their okra curry. It is similar to the okra-potato curry in Base Camp Jyväskylä. It tasted good.

mt everest okra curryThe restaurant was busy both times we went but the staff were friendly & service quick. On one of the conference days last month, a group of speakers & guests went to have dinner here & all of them had very nice things to say about the restaurant.


Ravintola Mt Everest (next to Helsinki train station) at Vilhonkatu 9, Rautatientori, Helsinki

+ Location

+ Service

+ Food

+ Price


Note: This is NOT a sponsored post!

Last week in Stockholm

A week before our Stockholm trip, we saw hot air balloons in Jyväskylä 🙂 This is funny/pleasant coincidence for us. In May 2012 we saw a couple of hot air balloons through our window at home. We were pretty excited because we were going to Barcelona to do just that on our 1st anniversary (I’ll write about it some day)! Last year, we saw them few days before our Florence/Pisa trip.  We kind of dubbed this as a symbol of our summer trips in Europe. I know its kind of crazy but it brings a smile & tons of beautiful memories for us.

Last week in Stockholm, TH & I went round to some of the popular tourist locations. When we travel, we like to take it slow and relax. It doesn’t matter if we don’t get to see all the famous museums or the islands or whatever – there is always next time! And we love getting acquainted with the local transport system.

We took a metro to Slussen on Södermälm . We walked from there to Gamla Stan & all over the little island back to Slussen. Then we walked in Södermälm in search of a restaurant called Chutney. Chutney is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant with generous portions. We were very hungry & ate heartily (We didn’t even stop to take any pictures!)

At Slussen, Katarinahissen is a popular place to get good views. But we walked up on Fjällgatan & enjoyed the sun & this –

slussenWalking through Gamla Stan –


stkhlmCity Hall: offices, Municipal Council & the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet –

city hallBack to the narrow streets of Gamla Stan –


gamla stanOne of the entrances to Stockholm Palace –


guardTotally unrelated to the picture above –

By the way, Nike black & white shoes seemed to be the rage on Stockholm streets. I can’t begin to count how many people (mostly women/girls) we have spotted wearing them. Once I began to spot them, I couldn’t stop stealing glances at people’s feet all day! On our return to Helsinki, I spotted some more. In my weekly advertisement mail (mainos/reklam), Intersport was advertising them. Last week, those shoes were popping up everywhere I looked 🙂

Last week in Stockholm – Library

We visited Stockholm in neighbouring Sweden recently. It wasn’t summery weather. There was a chill in the wind with some drizzles now & then. But the sun showed up too! We did manage to hang out when the sun shined 🙂 More about our trip will come soon but first a post on Stockholms Stadsbibliotek!

I love libraries. I love the quietness. I love books, well, paper actually. Last week in Stockholm, I visited the popular Stadsbibliotek. It was a nice day & I walked too much on cobbled streets. This was my relaxing space before flopping down in bed!

By the way, the picture below is not about Mc Donald’s! Focus on the brown building, it is the library. The entrance is round the corner behind the Mc Donald’s.

libraryAs I walked in, a huge group of tourists were just leaving. There is a café on the right & children books area on the right. And then, 3 staircases (don’t know where the side staircases lead too, they were closed).

library entranceartAhaa, the magnificent library. I love the open-plan & the high roof!

library inside

roofI browsed through a few books. I noticed many people coming in for pictures only.

booksSo, that was about one of my favourite places in Stockholm. Do you like it?